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Patient Chris describes his experience with PRK surgery at Cornea Associates of Texas. Chris appreciated the hands-on approach of his doctors. They were diligent in their explanation of his condition and the procedural steps to ensure that Chris felt comfortable and prepared.

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My experience here at Cornea Associates of Texas was a great one. From the beginning to the end, it was probably the best experience I possibly could have had. I came here with an irregular stigmatism and there were some things that I was concerned about being able to happen the right way, but the option they chose me was PRK and I came in with vision that annoyed me everyday and I came out with 20/15 vision. So I it was you know I could not have asked for anything else. From the beginning to the end, they were very hands on. The doctor met with me before the surgery and obviously there through the entire surgery every step of the way and then the followup after the surgery was just phenomenal. Dr. McCAll and the staff here at Cornea Associates of Texas, they were very attentive to the needs that I had. The day of the surgery they were very warm in how they greeted me and I think every individual patient that they have. They were very good about explaining to me every step of way what I was going to experience because with PRK it is a little different than LASIK in the fact that you expect different things and they were very clear on how things were going to feel, how things were going to look and so I really did not have any fear going into the initial procedure because I knew what to expect. They were very good at letting me know exactly what was coming right there before me. Now I do not need anything that is the best part of that. You know I always struggled with having bad night vision and I struggled with the steps of field and those kinds of things. After the surgery it is amazing when I see and all my friends are always shocked because of going to restaurant having lunch and there is TV on, there is a sports score coming up and someone will say “hey, what is the score of that game” and they all look at the TV and they cannot see it. You know then I can actually read the small ticker at the bottom of the screen and it just drives them crazy that I can read those things now, and never was able to before and they cannot. I have more than perfect vision. It is phenomenal. I recommend Cornea Associates of Texas to all my friends just because of how they treated me and because of how fluid the entire process was for me, how easy it was and the results just kind of speak for themselves for me. It is kind of a cliché but it is true. It is something that I can see everything all day, when I wake up, how clear my vision is. And the one example that I always give them is that when I had the procedure the way it works is that they have the laser on your eyes and when they pull it away the first vision you have of how crystal clear everything is in the room, that is the eureka moment, and whenever I talk about like right now I kind of get all excited about it because just that one moment it is like wow this is a really incredible thing to do, so that my testimonial on it.

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