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Patient Cindy came to Cornea Associates of Texas in hopes of achieving exceptionally sharper vision. Dr. Bowman made Cindy feel like he wouldn't settle for less than perfection. The expertise and advice given by her doctors made Cindy feel welcome and safe.

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Well my experience at Cornea Associates has been just nothing but wonderful. My husband and I are very particular about the medical care that we receive and we were just so thrilled with the care that we received here from Dr. Bowman, from his staff, from his coordinator. We just felt like every single stage of our care, for my care, from start to finish from the first appointment all the way to the actual procedure and the followup was just perfect. It was extremely professional. It was extremely caring and like I said we were very particular and so I have nothing but just rave things to day about Cornea Associates. The procedure that I had was LASIK and it was about three weeks ago and I have to say that when friends ask me about what the procedure was like. I mean my response is that it was basically like going in and having my teeth cleaned, feeling like that. It was the easiest thing, came out and my recovery was very short, there really was no pain involved for me, probably the hardest part about the whole experience was having to wear my glasses for two weeks before I actually had the procedure but other than that I felt really prepared. The staff was really good at telling me what to expect, what to expect during the procedure. Dr. Bowman is sitting right next to you, you know, as he is performing the procedure. He is explaining to you every step of what he is doing and then afterwards they are very good at explaining what to expect with your vision immediately following in the weeks to follow after that and then also being here at 8 o'clock the next morning on a Saturday to recheck my vision just to make sure that I everything was going well. With the results I am thrilled. I really am. I was a -5.5. I mean I was basically blind. I mean it was just vulnerable you know without my glasses on and now I mean I still have to remind myself that I do not have to take my contacts out every night and my vision is I mean I would say perfect. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Cornea Associates for LASIK and my husband is going to be having a PRK in a couple of weeks and he is definitely looking forward to having that procedure done. I mean like I said from the first appointment to having the procedure done at Cornea Associates has just been nothing but caring, professional, careful, cautious. I mean in fact I had come in to have my LASIK last year and at the time I was nursing my son and they had actually said that they would rather hold off on that because apparently you know when you have some hormonal changes in your body it is not beneficial to have LASIK because your eyes can change during that time and they were adamant about me holding off on it. So they were willing to forego me having the surgery and having me wait until just recently until I had completed the nursing part with my son.

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