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LASIK Technology

During LASIK eye surgery, doctors use specialized lasers to change your corneal shape, permanently improving your vision. 

Our elite surgeons have invested in various cutting-edge technologies to ensure our LASIK results are as effective as possible. 

Patients including NFL Pro Bowler Andy Dalton come to Cornea Associates of Texas in Dallas, TX, for the best in LASIK care. 

Excimer Lasers Create Safe, Precise ​LASIK Results

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An excimer laser is an ultraviolet laser that creates a non-thermal, cool beam of laser light that breaks molecular bonds through photoablation. The laser literally vaporizes microscopic bits of tissue without burning the adjacent tissue; therefore, it is ideally suited for the treatment of the cornea during LASIK surgery.

The system harnesses the excimer laser beam and allows precise delivery of the laser to sculpt the cornea into a new shape. The excimer laser simply reshapes the corneal flap to improve the focusing power of the eye by imprinting the lens prescription onto the cornea, similar to the curvature that contact lenses provide to allow wearers to overcome farsightedness and nearsightedness. 

We Use the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser System


ActiveTrak is an eye-tracking system that prevents the laser from firing should the patient's eye move during the LASIK procedure. It also automatically compensates for minor eye movement during the laser treatment by keeping the laser beam on target with the line of sight. This ensures a smooth and properly aligned laser treatment to optimize the visual results. Unlike other laser eye tracking systems, ActiveTrak does not require pupil dilation. 


VariableSpot technology improves control of the laser beam. It allows for rapid laser treatment and an exquisitely smooth surface, which means improved visual outcome. The Star S4 utilizes seven laser spots simultaneously to perform the treatment. The size of the spots varies from 0.6 to 6.5 mm in diameter during the ablation. The shape also varies from round (myopia), ellipse (astigmatism), and offset (hyperopia). 

The VISX Star S4 Has Constant Upgrades


More people in the United States have been treated with the VISX laser than all other laser systems combined. The system receives consistent software upgrades to improve safety, versatility, and patient comfort, such as the incorporation of a "blend zone" that increases the optical zone of treatment to better accommodate patients with large pupils.

Custom iDesign Technology Is 25X More Effective Than Standard Methods

iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio Abbott machine

Custom iDESIGN® LASIK treatments work by accurately measuring imperfections in the eye and designing a personalized correction plan for the patient, which is then transferred to the laser that will be used in surgery. 

The WaveScan used during this customized LASIK treatment is a highly accurate, advanced method of technology originally developed for viewing distant objects in space – in fact, WaveScan was used in the Hubble Telescope. This technology has since been adapted for use in performing laser eye surgery and has been highly successful, offering precise results that, to date, no other equipment has come close to matching. 

Typically, wavefront-guided surgical results are up to 25 times more effective than standard laser eye surgery results. 

We Also Utilize The iFS Laser


The iFS™ laser is a femtosecond laser that uses IntraLase technology to create highly individualized flaps for LASIK procedures. This femtosecond laser is able to eliminate blades from the LASIK procedure. It is extremely quick and safer in many ways than traditional methods for creating LASIK flaps. 

5-Star Reviews From Dallas LASIK Surgery Patients


Brett Malott

Plano, TX


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A thoroughly professional experience. The entire appointment was handled very expeditiously. Dr Comstock explained my procedure in layman's terms. She answered all concerns and I never felt rushed to make a decision. A very good doctor.

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Kevin Dugger

Dallas, TX


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I have been very pleased with every aspect of my experience. Everyone at the office at all levels. I will recommend to everyone who is looking for eye surgery. He's the best!

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