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After almost two decades as a patient at Cornea Associates of Texas, patient Jerry stands behind the quality of their work. After having cataracts removed from both of his eyes, Jerry can read a newspaper without glasses and jumped back into his normal routine almost immediately. Jerry has recommended the practice to many of his friends.

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I have been a patient here for 12, maybe 15 years. I have had both eyes cataracts removed. Dr. Beebe did the work and just did an absolutely magnificent job. I can read a newspaper without reading glasses now if the light is good. If it is not quite so good, I have to buy just over-the-counter reading glasses because I lose them a lot but I have had a great experience here. All the people in the office, all the technicians are just the nicest people. Dr Beebe and I have gotten close over all these years. He just did a magnificent job. I have just had a wonderful experience with Cornea Associates. While my cataract surgery was much easier than I had ever dreamed it would be, of course technology has made a lot of change over the years in that surgery, but the surgery was quick, I think maybe I wore a patch over the eye for about a day but I was back in the office the next day. It just went extremely smoothly. Oh, absolutely, I feel comfortable and welcome when I am here, very seldom have to wait any length of time. I might add that we had macular degeneration in my family and I did years ago quite a bit of research to find out what firm to go to here to watch mine and I was referred very highly by a close friend to Dr. Beebe and I have been with him ever since, I come every six months now and so we watch it regularly. Yes, I have recommended Cornea Associates to my friends and some of them have come to Dr. Beebe.

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