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While safe and effective, many people have concerns about the price of LASIK surgery.

Cornea Associates of Texas can answer any questions you may have about the cost of LASIK.

Learn why people come to our offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano, TX, for vision correction.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

The cost of LASIK eye surgery can vary based on several factors. Since each vision correction procedure is tailored to the patient's needs, the price range is different for each guest who visits us.

When you come to our offices in the Dallas area, we will be able to provide a custom price quote, including a full breakdown of the cost of the LASIK procedure.

Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

Typically, the Answer Is No

For the vast majority of patients, LASIK and PRK are not covered by health insurance. They are considered elective procedures rather than medically necessary. Since vision plans can differ, it's still worth checking with your insurance provider just in case.

There Are Rare Exceptions

Procedures like LASIK and PRK may be covered by insurance in very rare circumstances in which a patient is incapable of wearing glasses or contacts to correct their vision. This could be due to injury, impairment, disability, or congenital condition. If this describes your circumstances, we can discuss coverage during a free consultation.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of LASIK


  • The amount of patient refractive error
  • The location of the practice
  • The experience of the LASIK surgeon
  • The laser technology used
  • The nature of pre- and post-op care
  • Special promotions at a practice

The Cost of LASIK vs. Glasses and Contacts

When weighing LASIK surgery costs, many people calculate how much they could save compared to a lifetime of wearing glasses or contacts. The team at our Dallas, TX, laser surgery center offers the following general breakdown.

Prescription Glasses

Over two decades, you will likely need to change frames and prescriptions several times. The cost of eye exams, new glasses, and spare glasses can cost thousands of dollars.

Contact Lenses

In addition to regular eye exams for prescription updates, you'll need new lenses and lots of cleaning solution. The cost of contacts over two decades can be thousands of dollars.

Based on these estimates, LASIK candidates can save hundreds of dollars, if not more, over 20 years if they undergo surgery instead of relying on corrective eyewear.

Can I Use My FSA/HSA to Pay for LASIK?


Yes. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you can use it to cover the cost of LASIK. Keep in mind that some restrictions may still apply. The team at Cornea Associates of Texas can help you with these and other payment matters if you are considering LASIK surgery.

LASIK Financing Options Wells Fargo Health Advantage

Making Eye Surgery More Affordable

We know that the cost of laser vision correction can be prohibitive for some households. That's why we accept Wells Fargo Health Advantage®. This financing plan can ease the burden of LASIK eye surgery costs and allow you to experience clear vision without breaking the bank.

We Will Work With You

The team at Cornea Associates of Texas wants to ensure that LASIK surgery is affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Our LASIK pricing is competitive with average costs in the Dallas, TX, area. Our team can discuss various payment options and help you decide what's best for your needs.

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Beware of Low-Cost LASIK Deals


You may see special offers from eye centers in North Central Texas advertising LASIK surgery for as little as $250 per eye, sometimes less. This sounds great, but these cheap LASIK deals often come with a lot of fine print. You may be hit with hidden fees based on your vision prescription, and the LASIK doctor may not be reputable. Our team will be honest and upfront about LASIK pricing when you meet with us for a free consultation.

Changing Lives Through Laser Eye Surgery Reviews From Past LASIK Patients


K Jack

Dallas, TX


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LASIK survey with Dr. Alexander has been the best experience! Cornea Associates came highly recommended and I understood why, right from the beginning. They were incredibly thorough getting everything exact leading up to the eye surgery. LASIK itself was quick and fairly easy. I never got the chance to get nervous during the procedure because a nurse, in the room, was whispering to me every step of the way. Keeping me informed and suggesting things to help. It was incredibly comforting. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexander and the professionals at Cornea Associates of Texas!

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Ann Burke

Fort Worth, TX


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From the beginning of my consultation to after my surgery, I have had a wonderful experience with Cornea Associates of Texas and Dr. Bowman. I wish I had done the surgery sooner! It is truly life-changing to be able to see without my contacts or glasses. I am a nervous person and struggle with anxiety. Dr. Bowman and his team made me feel at ease right away. Even during the procedure, I was never in pain or felt very much fear. It was quick and painless. I am so thankful I made the decision to get the surgery. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Bowman.

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