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Patient Jan did not qualify for LASIK because of her cataracts. After coming to Cornea Associates of Texas, she learned that cataract surgery could dramatically change her life. After answering each of her questions and making her feel safe and comfortable, Dr. McCall performed the treatment that would improve Jan's vision and her quality of life.

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I have had the best time coming to Cornea Associates, I was so lucky. A friend of a friend said she had been here and her doctor was really good looking and she had a great success with her surgery so she said this is where you need to go, go to Cornea Associates. So that is where I came, and once I got here, I came the last day of school and I came in and I sat down and I waited, and I was nervous. When I came in I was going to have a LASIK surgery done. Well, I got in to see Dr. McCall and this wonderful, beautiful doctor who met me tell me that I could not have LASIK because I had cataracts. So I am really disappointed and kind of worried because I was not really sure what that enfold. So I did some research and did some study and I came back on Monday and saw Dr. Gelender and as soon as I saw him I knew I was going to be safe. That he was going to take good care of me. He explained exactly what the process was and what my choices and options were. So I decided to do the ReSTOR lens. I had to wear glasses for couple of weeks, they did the measurements for my eyes, told me exactly what was going to happen and what the process was going to be and I think that is one of the things I like best that being here is that nobody minded answering questions and they answered the same, I am sure they answered the same questions over and over and over again but by the time I got ready to do my surgery I felt very comfortable and I knew exactly what was going to happen and you know what steps to expect before, during, and after the surgery. The surgery itself was surprising, I was so scared. They kept adding to give me a little more, I could not stop talking and you cannot talk when they do this surgery and that’s like you know trying to get a dog to lay down and play dead or something, you just cannot get some people just stop talking, so they had to give a little bit of extra whatever it was so that I could calm down enough and that thing was I did not feel anything. They just have the bright light and I could see Dr. Gelender and we were already to go and he talked to me completely through the surgery. Told me exactly what he was doing, when he was doing it, there were no surprises and then he came and talked when it was done. They came and talked to me before I left. My husband took me home and I went to sleep. I never took any pain medicine. I had it. They gave it to me but I did not need it. There was never any pain. Probably, it is more the discomfort when they put an eye patch over your eye, so your eyes are covered, so it is immobile and you cannot use it. So you keep the eye patch on for 24 hours then you go back the next day and then take the patch off and oh, it is a miracle. You can see without glasses, without contacts you can see. It is just fabulous. One of the things I was worried about, as I had saved and planned for the LASIK but I was not quite prepared to have the ReSTOR lens done and I am really glad I did and Sidney took, she was so good at explaining exactly what was going to be paid when and what I can expect from each stage so I could be prepared once it was time to write my check. You know when you have surgery sometimes, you go in and you have the surgery and then the bill start coming and you have the anesthesia’s bill, you have the doctor’s bill, you have the surgeon, you have the surgery center’s bill, and the lab bills, they all come afterwards, well, not here. You know exactly at front exactly what you are going to pay and when you are going to pay it, so there are no surprises about that. I recommend Cornea Associates to everybody I talk to. I was pretty young to have cataract surgery but lot of my friends and people I know especially people I know at church in fact just this morning I was working on a project for church and someone said that she has just been told by her doctor that she had cataract and so of course I said you have got to go to Cornea Associates. This is the place to go and I am really glad I told her about my ReSTOR lenses because my ReSTOR lens has restored my vision. I can see perfectly now without any glasses at all. It is absolutely wonderful.

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