Advanced LASIK Technology By Cornea Associates of Texas on July 14, 2014

With the combination of the IntraLase laser and Advanced CustomVue technologies, we offer a vision correction solution that delivers high satisfaction for a broad range of patients.

Cornea Associates of Texas has performed Lasik for the past 19 years, delivering excellent results for our LASIK patients. LASIK is an acronym for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, which means “to shape inside of the cornea using a laser.” During the LASIK procedure, vision is corrected by reshaping the cornea (outer window of the eye) so that light rays focus more specifically on the retina. At the beginning of the procedure, the eye is numbed with “eye drop” anesthesia, and then a speculum is placed to hold your eyelids open. The Intralase laser is used to create a protective flap by separating the surface layers of the cornea. The IntraLase created corneal flaps provide greater stability, significant high quality results, faster visual recovery, enhanced safety both during flap creation and post-operatively as well as incomparable precision. The flap architecture creates easier flap repositioning and increases flap adhesion post-operatively for optimal wound healing. This is 3 times more flap stability vs. the microkeratome created flap that was used before IntraLase. Post-operatively, there are less severed nerves in the cornea which in turn creates fewer dry eye symptoms and corneal sensitivity for our patients. 

The great thing about IntraLase for our doctors is the increased speed of the laser. This maximizes both surgeon and patient comfort and confidence. The lower energy per pulse of light may reduce tissue response and inflammation. Also this laser provides smoother stromal beds of the eye and a virtually effortless flap lift. During the LASIK procedure, the patient looks at a target light while the laser reshapes the cornea, lasting from seconds to just over a minute, depending on the amount of correction necessary.

Our patients often wonder what would happen if they look away during the procedure. The Iris Registration technology provides greater alignment accuracy and allows for instant re-registration in the event of the eye moving slightly. If you were to move your eye completely away from the laser, then the laser would simply stop treatment until the eye re-registered with the laser. This provides a peace of mind for our patients who worry about not being able to maintain focus on the blinking red light centered above their head.

When you come into Cornea Associates of Texas for a free consultation for LASIK, the first step essential to a customized treatment plan is the WaveScan test. WaveScan technology captures unique imperfections in each individual’s vision that could not have been measured before. It produces a detailed map of the eye—much like a fingerprint where no two are alike. This translates the information into a set of CustomVue treatment instructions for the laser, which in turn provides a new level of precision and accuracy.

Here at Cornea Associates of Texas, our results have consistently out performed FDA trial results since 2001. In our most recent study, virtually all CustomVue Intralasik patients achieved 20/25 or better vision, including our extremely nearsighted patients!  Intralasik coupled with CustomVue technology has greatly improved safety and visual results. 

Over the past decade, LASIK technology has improved to provide for a safer procedure with fantastic visual outcomes.  Studies have shown LASIK to provide stable results for over 20 years. This precise level of measurement and treatment can enable individuals to achieve the full potential of their vision! Call one of our LASIK coordinators in Dallas (214-696-5900), Fort  Worth (817-261-9282) or Plano (972-612-9555) for a complimentary consultation.

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