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The INTACS procedure takes no longer than five to ten minutes and leaves the patient feeling hardly any pain. Designed to get patients who are otherwise unable to wear contacts into them, the INTACS procedure is an important step toward vision correction.

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When you come in for your INTACS procedure, the first thing we are going to do is take some very detailed measurements of your cornea. We are going to do what is called an Orbscan, which is a computer generated map of the curvature and the structure of your cornea and then we are going to do a basic refraction test to determine how nearsighted or how much stigmatism you have and then I use those measurements to determine how to place the INTACS in the eye. The actual surgery date would be a day you come in with a family member. We take you to our surgical suite. Your eye will be anesthetized and you will be awake and hearing me talking to you but we will sedate you so that you are very relaxed. The procedure itself takes about 5 or 10 minutes, it is very quick. There is no pain during the surgery and really very little pain after the surgery. This is an eye surgery that really has no pain whatsoever. The evening after surgery you have a bandage on your eye. You will come back the next day; we will take the bandage off. You will have pretty good vision even at first day and then we will put you on some eye drops for about three weeks. You will come back to see us in three weeks and on that day we will make sure you are healing well and then at that visit we can start talking about fitting you with a new contact lens. It is important to understand what INTACS can do and what it cannot do. INTACS is not a procedure that is going to make most people have great vision without correction. INTACS is a procedure which is designed to get people into contact lenses that they can wear with good vision and wear it comfortably. So patient with keratoconus who have had difficulty with contact lenses or inability to wear contacts are often good candidates for INTACS surgery which can get them back into a successful contact lens.

Keratoconus and Intacs

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