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The Verisyseâ„¢ Phakic IOL is a contact lens that can be implanted into the eye. For patients who cannot undergo LASIK or PRK, having a Verisyseâ„¢ Phakic IOL is often the best option. The doctors at Cornea Associates of Texas have seen phenomenal results in patients with Verisyseâ„¢ Phakic IOL.

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The Verisyse lens is actually a contact lens that can be implanted inside the eye. Unfortunately there are patients who come to us that want to have LASIK, they want to get out of their glasses or contacts, but unfortunately LASIK or PRK is not the right surgery for them, they are just too nearsighted or the corneas are just too thin. Up until recently they had no other alternative other than glasses or contact lenses. Now with the Verisyse lens we are able to implant the prescription inside their eye that can go all the way up a -20. Most patients that have LASIK are less than a -10. So with the Verisyse lens we can correct double that. The Verisyse lens has been in use in Europe for over 30 years. So we have an extensive study of this lens with safety and efficacy and the treatment of high nearsightedness. The recovery after the Verisyse implantation is similar to other outpatient surgeries. The patients will go home with a patch and shield over their eyes. They will come on the following day and then we will remove the patch and shield and talk about the eye drops they will use. The patients typically use two to four eye drops in their eyes in varying frequency for the first three to four weeks. Visual recovery with the Verisyse is phenomenal. This is one of my most favorite parts about the Verisyse lens. Imagine your low nearsighted patient who can may be made it to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then take a patient who is a -20. They cannot even see something that is 2 inches from the end of their nose, and you take that patch and shield off and these patients can see, and the emotion that these patients have. I mean sometimes that gets me a little choked up when they get choked up.

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