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Choosing to undergo cataract surgery is a decision that you and your doctor should discuss in detail. At Cornea Associates of Texas, the doctors will create a customized treatment plan to guide them towards providing you with optimal results. A consultation with the Dallas specialists will determine whether or not cataract surgery is right for you.

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The decision to do cataract surgery is really decision that is made mutually between the patient and the doctor. We will tell you if you have a cataract that we think it is a surgical cataract, but even though we have told you that, that does not mean you have to have the cataract taken out right now. It is an elective procedure that can be done real soon or we can put if off for six months if your life schedule is better that way. When you come in to talk about cataract with us, we are going to determine how much your vision has been affected by the cataract and then we are going to talk about how it is affecting your life. If you are still functioning well and you still see well enough to drive and do your daily life requirements with your vision then more than likely we are going to tell you that you can wait and have your cataract surgery done later. Most people that come in that have a significant cataract have noticed that there are times in their life when the cataract really handicaps them. Either they say they cannot drive at night anymore or they are having trouble reading in dim light or they cannot recognize faces at a distance. So lot of time those patient’s become candidates for cataract surgery and we go ahead and proceed. The other thing I have noticed about patient’s with cataract is that the cataract has come on so slow that a lot of times they do not really recognize the vision that they have lost and one of the most interesting things we hear on the first day after cataract surgeries, we interview the patient talk to them and they say “I cannot believe how great my vision is. I did not realize I had lost so much vision,” when they compare the eye that we have done to their other eye with the cataract. So the visual loss does kind of come on gradually and therefore sometimes patients do not realize how much vision they have lost until they actually get the surgery done.

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