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The DSAEK procedure has revolutionized the cornea transplantation procedure. The procedure allows the doctors to transplant only the inner layer of the cornea, which is often the only layer that needs repairing. This technique eliminates the need for sutures and decreases the patient's recovery time.

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Endothelial keratoplasty or DSAEK as it is sometimes called is an exciting new development in corneal transplantation. Traditionally patients with corneal disease have been addressed by use of a full thickness corneal transplant where the patient receives a donor that is sutured into place and the sutures remain for six to twelve months. New techniques now allow us to transplant only the inner layer of the cornea known as the endothelial. For many patients this is the only layer of the cornea that is abnormal. There are several potential benefits of this new procedure. The donor is inserted through a very small incision and held in place only by an air-bubble for the first 24 hours. After that it stays in place by natural forces. So by eliminating the sutures, the visual recovery is usually more rapid and there are far less visits required to the doctor’s office. Additionally postoperative stigmatism is uncommon with this procedure and most patients can regain their focus with a simple glasses prescription. The patients with Fuchs endothelial dystrophy or corneal edema following cataract surgery are usually appropriate patients for this partial thickness transplantation. The patient’s with corneal scars or keratoconus would still be most appropriate for traditional full thickness transplant.

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