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The professionals at Cornea Associates of Texas pride themselves on choosing the right candidates for LASIK surgery. It is their goal to provide some kind of vision-improvement treatment to patients whose eye health does not allow them to undergo LASIK.

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One thing we pride ourselves here in our practice is that we do not do LASIK on people that should not have it done and the key to successful LASIK surgery and successful outcome is picking the right person. Now in reality probably 8 out of 10 people that walk in our office wanting to have LASIK are candidates, but some are not. There are various reasons why you may not be a candidate for LASIK surgery; the anatomy of the eye specifically the thickness of the cornea, the curvature of your cornea, the cornea is the very window, the front part of the eye and that is where LASIK is performed and you have to have the right anatomy to go through LASIK successfully. Some patient’s have extremely high refractive errors. They are very-very nearsighted or very-very farsighted and often they do not qualify for LASIK surgery. Certainly, people that have other eye problems like glaucoma or cataract or age related eye problems often are not candidate for LASIK surgery, but often those patients would qualify for some other type of procedure. So in most cases, people who come in interested in LASIK are able to have the surgery done and the vast-vast majority of those people are very happy. You know the LASIK surgery has kind of sold itself because we will have somebody come in and have the procedure and they will have great success and then go out and tell two or three of their friends and then they will come in and then they will go out and tell two or three of their friends and that is the best way to grow a LASIK practice we found to. You hear a lot of ads on the radio and TV bringing people into doctors’ offices, but I think the best way to grow LASIK practice is through word-of-mouth through successful patients.

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