A Unique Patient Experience

LASIK Experience - Dallas, Fort Worth


At Cornea Associates of Texas, the atmosphere in the office and the experience created for the patient help contribute to the overall success of their treatment. With comfortable amenities and friendly staff members, patients are welcomed into the practice with open arms.

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The difference in LASIK at Cornea Associates of Texas is the overall experience. When you come in to have a surgery, you should feel comfortable and confident from the time you walk in of the door to the time you meet your doctor to the time you had your surgery and through the followup care that may last a year or a lifetime. Each individual doctor is cornea fellowship trained, which is an extra layer of education and we have focused our attention solely on the cornea and that is exactly where laser vision correction occurs. Not only do we do that surgery for patients, but we also take care of the problems that occur elsewhere in the community and we are known for providing that service.